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Who are we?  

Founded in 1979, Réfrigération Equipement Dépôt (formerly "Métropolitaine Réfrigération")  specializes in the field of refrigerated equipment.


  • We are a designer and manufacturer of refrigerated displays for supermarkets, convenience stores, butchers, pastry shops, fishmongers and others. We are also distributors of refrigerated displays of the IFI brand, as well as glass doors of the Tecnodor brand.

  • We design and manufacture cold rooms and freezers with condensing units for all applications. All polyurethane insulation panels are manufactured here in Saint-Laurent (Quebec) with a camlock assembly. 

  • We have a full line of Reach-in glass door, 1, 2, 3 & 4 door refrigerated display cases in refrigerators and freezers.

  • We offer a wide assortment of reconditioned refrigerated equipment for supermarkets, convenience stores and others.

Whether it is for planning, renovation, a new project or simply to change refrigerated equipment, think of Refrigeration Equipment Depot. We will offer you our expertise and professional help in the field of refrigerated equipment. Know that you will benefit from a full range of refrigerated equipment. We stand out for our competitive prices and the quality of service offered to customers. In addition, we offer technical assistance in the design of your project.


Buy directly from the manufacturer!


Our engagement:

Whether you operate a supermarket, convenience store, butcher shop, deli, pastry shop, fruit store, flower shop, or other, IFI refrigerated counters are perfect for keeping your products chilled. In addition to the promise of a superior quality product, you can count on unparalleled customer support, from design to delivery of your units! Whatever your refrigeration or freezing needs, you can trust us! No matter the size of your project, we can help you with your refrigeration needs. We offer refrigerated equipment, in addition to maintenance, thanks to our team of professional refrigeration specialists. We can even design your next custom equipment.



Having understood that we had to take concrete action today to ensure a better tomorrow for everyone, we take all measures to ensure that products are manufactured in perfect harmony with the environment.


Only CFC-free refrigerant gases and insulating products are used in our devices. We devote significant efforts to the analysis and research of new refrigerants (R448A/R449A and others). Our documentation center allows us to stay abreast of the most recent developments in environmental matters. Committing to preserving the environment comes naturally to us!


Customer service

At IFI, we don't measure success by the number of devices sold! The key is to establish a lasting relationship based on the trust of our customers. Always available to answer your questions, our advisers closely follow all stages of the production of the devices so that they meet your exact needs. They are even there to help you maximize the efficiency of the equipment when installing it.


Quality Control

Quality control is not just a broad concept at IFI. In fact, our quality control program is one of the most vigorous on the market. Initially, each individual piece must meet some of the highest standards. In the final stage, the devices are 100% tested for performance, function and reliability. Our state-of-the-art test and research laboratories allow us to carry out all the verifications required to test the prototypes and to proceed with electrical (UL, CSA-ACNOR, ETL) and sanitary (NSF) certifications.



The protection of the environment and the development of new products are the main orientations of our work. In addition, a documentation service ensures constant liaison with all that is being done in this field on a global scale.


In terms of development, we are designing new generations of counters and refrigerators. The study of shapes and colors and the analysis of global market trends allow us to create devices with a style of their own. Moreover, our aluminum and PVC profiles have been developed especially for IFI, thus ensuring the perfect combination of the functional aspect and the aesthetics of the products.

Our production equipment!

Access to machinery incorporating the latest technological innovations and the use of a fully computerized manufacturing process are the basis of our production. From the outset, the concern to deliver a high quality finished product is present. That's why we only use metal sheets and raw materials that respect the highest standards of the industry. Our highly specialized assembly lines allow us to assemble the devices quickly and efficiently, while ensuring the most rigorous quality control. The pressure, flow and quality of the polyurethane mixture as well as the timing system are fully computerized, which ensures a perfect and uniform injection.

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