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Chambre froide sur mesure

Why buy your Cold Rooms & Cold Warehouses from Réfrigeration Équipement Dépôt?

​Extensive experience in the manufacture of cold rooms & refrigerated warehouses

  • Commercial cold room for convenience stores, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, food processing plants, warehouses.

  • ​ Design of standard cold rooms or according to your plans and specifications.

  • Technical assistance for the realization of your project.


Quality cold rooms that meet the most stringent specifications!

  • The polyurethane insulation panels with "Camlocks" system are entirely manufactured at our factory in Ville St-Laurent, Montreal. This ensures strict quality control during the production and assembly of your cold room on site, as well as rapid production and delivery (2 to 4 weeks).

  • Options and accessories that add value to your cold room project.

  • Installation of refrigeration systems for your cold rooms and freezers.

  • Impeccable after-sales service.

1-ENG Dépliant Walk-in Rooms 23-04-2019.jpg
2-ENG Dépliant Walk-in Rooms 23-04-2019.jpg

Réfrigeration Équipement Dépôt stands out for its competitive prices and the quality of service offered to customers!

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