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The best cold rooms!

Our specialists in the construction of cold rooms at Réfrigération Équipement Dépôt are able to advise you and help you in the design and layout of your new cold room, your refrigerated or frozen room in accordance with your needs and according to the food plans drawn up. .


Whether it is cold rooms designed for your butcher shop, a large refrigerated room for your supermarket or an industrial refrigerated warehouse, Réfrigeration Équipement Dépôt offers the products and materials you need, quickly.

With the use of top quality insulating panels, Réfrigeration Équipement Dépôt ensures maximum energy efficiency and a reduction in your hydroelectricity bill! All our cold rooms use insulating panels, offering increased strength, which are assembled, glued and sealed here, in our factory, in Montreal.


  Use our cold rooms for: 

  • Federally inspected building

  • Large area cold store

  • Small cold room made to measure for your company

  • Work areas for butcher and supermarket

  • Insulated and ventilated floating floor or on concrete foundation

  • Laboratory

  • Florist

  • Morgue

  • Aging chamber

  • Wine cellars

  • White room

  • Fruit and vegetable warehouse

  • meat warehouse

  • Blast freezer

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