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Fruit & Vegetable Refrigerated Displays

Whatever the size of your project, Réfrigération Équipement Dépôt can help you meet your refrigeration needs.

Thanks to our team of professional refrigeration engineers, we can even design your next custom equipment. 

Contact us to learn more about our services.

Chambre froide

Features of our Produce Refrigerated Displays:

Specs of EDT in Produce application  - Click here

  • Self-service refrigerated merchandiser

  • Double lighting on canopy

  • With adjustable, lighted and slanted shelves with product stoppers

  • Available in 46" and 39" widths

  • Option with Multi-Function racks with wire shelves

  • Without compressor


Specs of EP1A - Click here

  • Merchandiser with one refrigerated level

  • Dimensions: 46" width x 54" high

  • With telescopic grilles

  • Available in lengths of: 4’, 6’, 8’, 10’ and 12’

  • Without compressor


Specs of EPHA for Produce - Click here

  • Refrigerated merchandiser of 46" width x 79" high

  • Available from 1 to 5 levels

  • With tilted mirror

  • Telescopic grilles

  • Double lighting in canopy

  • Allows you to create beautiful presentations of fruits and vegetables

  • Without compressor

Specs for EPWO Shoparound Wide Island - Click here

  • Wide island for fruits and vegetables

  • Dimensions : 79" width x 55" high

  • Adjustable telescopic grilles

  • One refrigerated level

  • Shoparound island with a large capacity

  • Available in lengths of 6’, 8’ and 12’

  • Without compressor


Specs of PU3A- Click here

  • Utilitary merchandiser for fruits and vegetables

  • Dimensions: 46" width x 48" high

  • Adjustable, slanted and lighted shelves and bottom

  • Shelves with product stoppers

  • Lighted canopy

  • Adjustable telescopic grilles

  • Without compressor

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