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Chambre froide

Features of our Dairy and Deli Refrigerated Displays:

Refrigerated display Dairy EDT - Click here

  •  Open refrigerated merchandiser

  • Available with 5 to 7 levels

  • Adjustable lighted shelves

  • Double lighting on canopy

  • Adjustable bottom grilles

  • Available in 46" and 39" width

  • Without compressor


Refrigerated display Dairy EDFLZH (30'') - Click here

  • Open refrigerated merchandiser

  • Model of 30" width with front load

  • Adjustable shelves of 16" width

  • Lighted canopy

  • Ideal for soft drinks, juices and beers

  • Available with 5 to 7 levels

  • Without compressor

Refrigerated display EDN3O Shoparound Island - Click here

  •  Shoparound Narrow Refrigerated island

  • 48" width x 61" high x 5’, 6’, 8’ and 12’ long

  • With 2 adjustable lighted shelves and bottom

  • Ideal for promotional sales

  • Without compressor (Self-contained compressor available in option)

  • With glass on 4 sides

  • Independent evaporators to ensure superior performance

Refrigerated display EDW3O Wide Island - Click here

  • Wide Island refrigerator for cheese and deli

  • 79" width x 55" high x 8’, 10’ and 12’ long

  • With 2 lighted, adjustable and slanted shelves and bottom

  • Bottom shelf adjustable with 3 positions

  • Lighted canopy

  • Perimeter glass and bumper on 4 sides

  • Without compressor


Refrigerated display EU4A Specs - Click here

  • Utilitary refrigerated merchandiser

  • Perfect for prepared meals, cheese, deli and many more

  • With 3 lighted, adjustable and slanted shelves and bottom

  • Lighted canopy

  • Available in two widths (46" and 39") and two heights (54" and 60")

  • Adjustable bottom grilles

  • Without compressor


Refrigerated display EVRV Combi Specs - Click here

  • Top section with gravity coil

  • Tilting vertical front glass

  • Sliding doors thermo glass

  • Bottom section with ventilated refrigeration

  • Adjustable telescopic grilles

  • Without compressor

  • Option for mezzanine shelf on top section

  • Option for Hot Food Table


Self-service Refrigerated displays,
Shop Around islands and Combi Hot table

Dairy products, cheeses, meats, beers & wines, fish, prepared meals, fruits & vegetables, soft drinks

Whatever the size of your project, Réfrigération Équipement Dépôt can help you meet your refrigeration needs.

Thanks to our team of professional refrigeration engineers, we can even design your next custom equipment. 

Contact us to learn more about our services.

The Combi EVRV is a double section refrigerated display:

Top section closed (service) / Bottom section open (self-service)

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